ChefSteps 1100 Watts Joule Sous Vide Review

ChefSteps 1100 Watts Joule Sous Vide Review

If you are looking to improve the quality of your cooking immediately, there are a few things that you can do and some equipment that you may wish to invest in. A sous vide cooker may be one of the first things that you pick up, as it can add a whole new dimension to your cooking, even if it takes a little longer.

Over the course of today's article, we are going to be reviewing a sous vide cooker from ChefSteps, and we believe that it is one of the better models on the market. Before we tackle that, however; we are going to be covering a couple of features that you should pay attention to when you are buying one of these products.


One of the first features that you will want to pay attention to when choosing the right product is its design. Just like with everything else in the home, you will want to get items that match your style, and the kitchen is no exception. Nowadays, there are many blogs and tv shows that teach you how to cook in style to make the process more fun and personal.

ChefSteps 1100 Watts Joule Sous Vide Parts

When choosing the right sous vide cooker, make sure that you pay attention to any colors that are offered to be sure that it will match your pots and pans in the kitchen, and pay attention to the build and the material that the device is made out of. Stainless steel can blend in with many different styles while other materials have different colors.


Another thing to look out for when choosing a product like this is the measures that the company has taken to up the quality of the product. This means to see what the product has to offer that others do not. For some, there is an app available for those that have a smartphone or device that allows you to monitor your food on the go.

Some devices use heating technology to allow your food to be heated up quicker to get done faster. This is usually paired with the number of watts that the device has. Since every company is different, research to see if they offer the features that are important to you, so you get value from the money you spend.

About The Product

ChefSteps has created this product because they know the importance of perfectly cooked food. They also understand the importance of making their products stand out from the rest to give you features that others do not have and to have a unique design in your kitchen.

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    Made smaller than other sous vide cookers out there, standing at 11 inches tall and 1.1 pounds
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    Created with 1100 watts of power, allowing the device to heat water faster
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    Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
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    Equipped with a visual doneness feature that tells you how your food will cook before you begin cooking it
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    Joule app that allows you to monitor food outside of the kitchen


The ChefSteps Joule sous vide cooker is a great product to have for anyone that cooks their food using this method. You get the quality that sous vide provides without having to do any of the work.

Using ChefSteps 1100 Watts Joule Sous Vide

One of the first things that we loved about this product is that it is easy to set up when you take it out of the box. There is no assembly required, so all you will have to do is take it out and plug it in. Also, it works like other types of sous vide cookers on the market, making it a breeze to use for those of you that are familiar with this type of cooker.

All that needs to be done is to set the cooker in a pot filled with water, put in the plastic bags of food that you have prepared, and you are good to go. All that is needed for you to do is set the temperature and the time required to get your food done.

If you are unsure of how long to cook your food, the Joule app tells you how your food will turn out before you begin cooking it with its pre-set doneness options and the visual doneness feature on the app. If you like your steak done a certain way, all you have to do is tap the doneness option that you are interested in and judge for yourself to decide if that is the way that you want it.

Another great feature that we love about this product is the power that it has. With 11000 watts of power, this cooker can heat up the water that you are using faster to lessen the time that the food takes to cook. This is great for those of you that don't have a lot of time in their daily lives to devote to long periods of cooking.

The product also tells you beforehand of the precautions that you will have to take while using it, which is very useful and vital to ensure that your safety is not at risk. It is advised that you only use this device with a 120 V outlet, and do not use any converters or transformers, as it can cause damage to the device and your home.

What Others Say

Many customers fell in love with the ChefSteps Joule sous vide system the moment that they plugged it in. There were hardly any customers that had any issues with the quality of the cooking and the usage. Many also love the color of the product, which is white, and how it works with Alexa for those that have this system already in their homes.

The only issues that some may come across are if they wanted to give the sous vide cooking method a try but realized that this style of cooking was not right for them. So, if you decide that it is not for you, there are free returns on this item before a certain amount of time.

Buying Advice

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can expect to pay no more than $180, which is a little pricey considering similar products on the market. You can find this model on Amazon.

ChefSteps 1100 Watts Joule Sous Vide


Final Verdict

The ChefSteps Joule sous vide system is a great choice for anyone that wants to cook their food perfectly each and every time without the extra hassle and hardwork. You won’t have to worry about over- or under-cooking food again if you opt for this product. Thank you for reading.

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